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Woodwork Stories

            We believe that any house with a luxurious coffered ceiling and an elegantly placed wainscoting becomes a cosy home for any family to live happy and comfortable. If you add to this our custom live edge wooden tables and crown molding elements then you may say that these describe perfectly a dream house with amazing eye-catching interiors and designs.

            It’s not wrong to say that a beautifully designed home is everyone’s dream. Whether you own a small apartment or a big house, an inspired interior can change its entire look and can give it a touch of a luxurious housing.

            Wood Work Stories is one of the leading manufacturers of natural wood designs, wall panels, unique molding and coloured epoxy resin furniture who works with you until your dream house interior is built into reality giving it a superior look according to your specific vision.

Wood Work Stories uses the concept of creating tables, wainscoting, and molding in order to help you in expressing your creative side.

            We like to say that we took to the next level the art of converting the boring natural wood tables into incredibly designed live edges which are further integrated with the epoxy resin and the result gives your house a unique vibe.

            Our creativity is just not limited. Anything you need can easily be adapted according to the current look of your house and also your designing taste. Wood Work Stories is also a known expert for designing amazing window bay seats which can help you enjoy the weather while sipping from a warm cup of your favourite beverage.

            If you want to work with us, to bring your creative dreams into reality and transform your normal house into your own kingdom then, all you need to do is just send us the contact details and we will get back to you with some exciting and totally alluring ideas for the beautiful house you always dreamed of.