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Table sitting charts are important to know before starting to build your dream table. You’ll need to consider a few aspects that will help choose the best length and size. Here are a few recommendations:
– Start by measuring the room and imagine your dining table considering the furniture already existing in the room and the traffic flow
– Decide over the number of people you would like to sit at your table
To have a perfect image of how your guests will sit at the table, consider these:
-The rule of thumb is 24” per person for formal dining
-Table lengths to assure comfortable sitting will be 5′ (for 6 people), 7′ (for 8 people), 9′ (for 10 people), etc.
Small adjustments can be made according to the width of your chairs. A similar situation can happen if you choose a 6′ length where you can set comfortable 6 people but you can go up to 8 people.
When choosing the piece of wood you like to become your table the width is very important. Normally a width of max. of 40” should be enough but if you need more space then a max. 44” wide is recommended.
The space between the chairs should be of 24” and even add 12” of space for wiggle room, if possible. You should take into consideration these recommendations according to your vision over the final aspect of the room including the table and the chairs but also the space available.

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